5 Photos of Kitchen Backsplash Tile

5 photos of Kitchen Backsplash Tile – When people walk into your kitchen their eyes are looking straight ahead. They must look up or as a result of concentrate on the cabinets, as well as the counter, as elegant as it might be, sits with a horizontal plane. You almost need to be on the surface of it to actually appreciate its beauty. It is usually the backsplash that captures a person’s eye first. It is, as it were, your kitchen’s first impression.

If your kitchen backsplash could speak it would say, “welcome to our kitchen, please, let me tell you about our beautiful mahogany cabinets and stylish granite counter.” (OK..I’m a little tired and my imagination gets better of me.) What I wish to discuss in this post is how to deal with outdoors space over a cook top or sink. These are areas that lend themselves to larger and more complex design elements and can provide the chance to produce a stunning focal point. When dealing with a place similar to this here are a couple options to consider.

One of the most common features is definitely an image that’s fired, hand-painted, or transferred onto your tile by way of a process called sublimation. Most tile stores deal with local artists and companies who focus on this. I’ve seen from Tuscany landscapes to jumping dolphins. The images are endless. One of the advantages to image transfer is that, typically, these images may be placed on any tile you select. The one disadvantage, then one to take into account, is if you will be as fond of the image you choose 5yrs in the future. You may adore that basket of apples tile mural given it matches the dish towels or curtains you’ve selected. What happens if it’s time to change the curtains as well as the dish towels have worn out? Those apples is still looking you in the face each and every time you walk into your kitchen.

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Another popular tile design option involves with all the field tile you’ve selected and just changing the direction it’s set. There are many tile and stone manufacturers that supply a rail or pencil moulding of some type. You can use these pencil or rail pieces to produce a picture frame. If you set your tile in straight rows outside the frame, change the direction and hang up your tile with a diagonal inside frame. This subtle change of direction can produce a beautiful and unobtrusive focal point without locking you into a picture motif that will become out dated.

Take it a step further. There are numerous companies available who make decorative inserts for tile. I could probably think about twenty approximately over the surface of my head. The mediums are only as prolific. Artists are creating decorative tile accents away from glass, metal, plastic, cement, resins, ceramics and porcelain. If your setting your tile with a diagonal inside a frame, you might consider one of these simple options. You can cut the corners of 4 tiles inside your frame and insert one of these simple decorative inlays. You may want to pick a metal that ties in with your cabinet hardware, or maybe a glass mosaic that pulls out a color inside your granite counter.

These are only a handful of tricks to assist you to pull things together. You can find a huge number of types of these ideas doing his thing on the internet within the many kitchen and bath publications which are out there. Hope this assists to create your kitchen remodeling project a little easier and more enjoyable.